Philippines: Boracay

Boracay, in the Philippines is another go-to place to unplug, conversely, they do offer a nightlife. This has become a popular tourist destination due to these attributes. As we all know, unplugging means something different for all of us. So if you want a relaxing daytime vacation with a bit of a party atmosphere at night, this may just fit your vibe.

Boracay Philippines

Boracay has three communities – Yapak in the north, Manoc-Manoc in the south and Balabag in between. Hilly elevations of up to 100 meters above sea level characterize Yapak and Manoc-Manoc. Intertwining trails link the small villages and lead to lush tropical jungles.

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It is also well-known for its beautiful beaches, which are white and super soft. Boracay’s beaches are sub-divided based on three ex-boat stations. You will find your deluxe hotels just north of Station 1. Here your will find a walking path along the coast…great for romantic walks or a perfect place to turn inward. The path runs along White Beach…which is probably the most popular beach in Boracay. Angol (which is considered Old Boracay) is south of Station 3…here you will find budget hotels. Whatever area you decide to stay in, the beaches are easily accessible. Paraw sailing It is one of the most frequented water sports activities in Boracay. Find out more about paraw sailing tours on the Boracay Sailing Charters and Tours website.

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