Norway: Viagra Falls

Norway has had an unusual influx of tourist in recent years, due to the popularity of the animated film Frozen. For years it was touted as home to the happiest people in the world. Perhaps it’s because of Viagra Falls, the river that runs between the lakes Anestølsvatnet and Dalavatnet, located in the Sogndalsdalen valley.

Viagra Falls Norway

A legendary myth claims that the water in the river enhances potency and fertility. The myth came about because families living on farms in the surrounding area have many children. Of course, depending on if you want children or not, you may wish to view Viagra Falls from near or from far. Either way this part of Norway is stunning.

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Norway is also a great place to catch the Northern Lights or to visit during the winter holidays. The best time to view the Northern Lights is late September through late March. Remember it is dark most of the day during the winter. During the summer months, head to northern Norway to enjoy the midnight sun, when the days are long and the nights are short…so there is more time to play.

Avoid visiting during summer if you wish to avoid the crowds. Or, visit the less popular sites during summer. Norway has an array of hidden gems waiting for those who love to explore.

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