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I attended a Tayson Pierce Wines media dinner at Wally’s Wine. Wally’s is a veritable wine wonderland located in Santa Monica. The event was held in a private room offering an incredible view of the bustling restaurant below. This location is the most recent addition to the Wally’s Wine family. It proved to be just as impressively invigorating as the original in Beverly Hills.

Taylor J. Rothchild of Tayson Pierce Wines addresses the crowd; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of LAArtParty

Tayson Pierce at Wally’s Wine

Vintner Taylor J. Rothchild greeted us as we entered, and presented us with a glass of their NV Éric Philippe Extra Brut Premier Cru. He explained that it was a blend of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. It was crisp, refreshing…simply delightful. Assorted appetizers made the rounds while Taylor continued to inform us a bit about dosage or ‘sweetness’ and also how it’s blended. Champagne is often high in sugar due to an assemblage of reserve wines and pure cane sugar prior to corking the bottle. Many of us including myself were unaware of this process. Some brands of champagne may contain up to 8 grams of sugar while the NV Éric Philippe Extra Brut Premier Cru that we were drinking had 1 gram of sugar.

2017 Tayson Pierce Rosé, Lobster Lettuce Wrap; photo by Phillip Silverstein

We then sat down for dinner with our glasses topped off with this liquid delight to pair with a Kanpachi Crudo (frog hollow pear, slow-roasted Pichuberry salsa). The light tender fish went extremely well with the champagne. The next plate held an artfully arranged Lobster Lettuce Wrap for us to nibble on with a glass of 2017 Tayson Pierce Rosé. Taylor kept us informed throughout the meal and proudly revealed that this was the first rosé that he had a hand in creating. This tasty rosé consisted of a blend of Grenache, Carignan, as well as a touch of Syrah. It had a fragrant bouquet, while its taste presented a fruity balance of citrus, watermelon, and also peach.

2016 Tayson Pierce Chardonnay, Hudson Vineyard, Chanterelle Mushroom Broth; Photo by Phillip Silverstein

Perfect Pairings

Next…a glass of 2016 Tayson Pierce Chardonnay, Hudson Vineyard was placed before us to enjoy with a bowl of Chanterelle Mushroom Broth (hearth-baked farro, egg yolk). This was an exquisite pairing! I normally opt for red wine over white but this chardonnay was such a dry and magical experience for me that it has rekindled my appreciation of white wine. It was bold yet creamy. I wondered why I loved it so much, until Taylor explained that this complex chardonnay was created for red wine drinkers. At that moment a surprise 2017 chardonnay was brought out before its official release. This one was bright, as well as fruity with a very distinct flavor

2012 Éric Philippe Extra Brut Premier Cru (dosage 4 g/L), Pumpkin Agnolotti, photo by Phillip Silverstein

A Pumpkin Agnolotti (roasted apple, balsamella, shaved truffle) accompanied by a glass of 2012 Éric Philippe Extra Brut Premier Cru (dosage 4 g/L). This was a perfect match. The Pinot Noir & Chardonnay blend offered a vinous yet subtle complexity. The shaved truffles with the sweetness of the pumpkin further enhanced the flavor.

2016 Tayson Pierce Cabernet, Grilled Lamb Chop; Photo by Phillip Silverstein

More Wine with Entrees

Then, they served a 2016 Tayson Pierce Cabernet with our entrees. Due to dietary restrictions, I had requested fish over the Grilled Lamb Chop on the menu. My Tuna steak was cooked to perfection with a seared outer edge as well as a rare delicate inside. Just as the sear dissipated away from my palate a mere sip of the Cab brought the flavors flooding back to my senses. In addition, my dining partner chimed in that her meal (Grilled Lamb Chop) was simply divine. We both agreed that the full-bodied cabernet complimented each of our meals equally well. A quintessentially successful merger of fine cuisine!

NV Éric Philippe Brut Rosé Grand Cru (dosage 7 g/L), White Chocolate Panna Cotta; Photo by Phillip Silverstein

Last but not least was the dessert. A tantalizing White Chocolate Panna Cotta (crushed raspberry, almond dacquoise) that wowed us all. Moreover, the NV Éric Philippe Brut Rosé Grand Cru (dosage 7 g/L) brought out the delicious creamy flavor of this delicate delight! I loved the combination. It was ethereal and a truly beautiful ending to a magnificent feast.

Tayson Pierce Wines; photo by Phillip Silverstein

Tayson Pierce Wines has found a new fan in me. I will be returning to Wally’s in the not too distant future to purchase some wine and champagne from this distinctive collection. CLICK HERE to read an interview with Tayson Pierce Wines owner Taylor J. Rothchild.

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