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Fresh Powder

If there’s one thing skiers and snowboarders agree on, it’s the simple fact that cutting tracks in fresh powder is the ultimate high. The first time you experience the sensation of floating through untouched powder, your love of the sport grows exponentially. From that point forward, you’re likely to be chasing freshies for the rest of your life.

Rocky Mountains

Few places on earth beat the US Rocky Mountains when it comes to “scoring freshies.” Numerous resorts in both Colorado and Utah offer great potential. However, a lot of factors must be considered when selecting your destination.

Fresh tracks at Powder Mountain Utah; photo courtesy of Powder Mountain

Those of us who only go on on 1-2 trips per year, want to stack the odds in our favor. As we all know, the big brand name resorts like Veil and Aspen, in Colorado have the snow. Hence they draw big crowds and can be quite expensive. Snowbird and Alta in Utah also have awesome snow. In addition,  they are easily accessible to the residents of close-by Salt Lake City, along with lots of tourists during peak times. It’s hard not to lose your mind standing in a long lift line watching the fresh snow get tracked up by the crowds. Next thing you know, after your long wait, you’re exhausting yourself and losing time hiking to spots with untracked snow.

Powder Mountain

This year, if all goes as planned, I will be heading to Powder Mountain Utah with the hope of eluding the crowds. This mountain has an incredible reputation with tremendous customer satisfaction. To prevent overcrowding, they limit ticket sales. They also sell single run cat tickets, taking you to otherwise inaccessible runs for an even better shot at cutting your own fresh tracks. To find out more about Powder Mountain, visit the website – https://www.powdermountain.com/

A small group of skiers and snowboarders on their way to the dream come true, Powder Mountain, Utah; photo courtesy of Powder Mountain

Crested Butte, CO

With the tremendous popularity of downhill skiing and snowboarding, many of the resorts I originally had on my personal bucket list are now off the list. One that remains however is in the lesser-known town of Crested Butte Colorado. The town has a very special nostalgic vibe – see image below provided by mountainimpressions.com. Along with its natural beauty, snow and excellent terrain, many of the town’s businesses are located in mining era buildings. The historic essence of pure ski culture is alive and well in Crested Butte. I want to be in good shape when I get there, because I plan to take advantage of the more advanced terrain the mountain is known for.

Note: In March 2023, I did visit Crested Butte. If you would like to hear more about snowboarding, and our epic road trip to the Rockies. CLICK HERE to read the article.

To find out more about Crested Butte Colorado, visit the official tourism website – https://gunnisoncrestedbutte.com/

The charming town center of Crested Butte, CO; photo courtesy of mountainimpressions.com

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