The Republic of Madagascar:

Located in the western Indian Ocean, Madagascar has it all…beautiful beaches, national parks, and a breathtaking coastline. The fourth largest island in the world,  it is situated off the east coast of Southern Africa, south of the Equator. Madagascar is known for its Tsingy, fossilized shells created by erosion which has formed one-of-a-kind landscapes across Madagascar. September is a great time to go and enjoy a boat tour see humpback whales.

Photo courtesy of Madagascar tourism

One would think, with that terrain, it would be a fantastic place to plan a road trip…however, there are some hoops to jump through if you indeed want to travel that way. A person from another country cannot just rent a car to drive. Mandatory local drivers are implemented when you rent a car in Madagascar…So be sure to check into this, prior to arriving. Be sure to avoid the wet season from December through March. July through

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