Japan: Sensoji Temple

When visiting Japan, be sure to embrace its history…Sensoji Temple was founded in the 7th century and is home to the Goddess of Mercy. This well-known attraction is visited by 30 million people each year.

Sensoji Temple; courtesy of Japan Tourism

The temple’s history goes back to the year 628. As legend will have it, two fishermen, brothers Hamanari and Takenari Hinokuma, found a wooden statue caught in a net in the Sumida River. They took it to one of the most respected persons in the area, Nakamoto Hajino. Hajino recognized the statue as the bodhisattva Kannon, and made his home into a temple for the statue. This was how Sensoji Temple first began. In 645 a hall was built for the Kannon by Shonin Shokai.

After that, this fishing village on Tokyo Bay turned into a bustling temple town. Tokyo is Japan’s economic and cultural center. Vibrant neighborhoods and fantastic cuisine are around every corner. This mecca of Japanese pop culture, fused with traditional ideals, is one of the world’s most entertaining cities.

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