By Richard Bilow — Whenever I travel, I bring my professional camera with me. As amazing as the new cell phone cameras are, there are times when it makes good sense to use better equipment. As a professional artist and photographer, I sell large scale prints, and these are best produced using high-resolution low-noise digital files. So naturally when I walked into the Denver Botanic Gardens inspiration hit me.

Yellow Sweet Clover; All images courtesy of ETG

The botanical gardens in any city are consistent prime photography spots. Therefore when I heard we were going to Denver, I made sure to set aside a little time for this type of photography.

Denver Botanic Gardens Inspiration 

The Denver Botanical Garden is known to be one of the best. It has some very interesting buildings, water sculptures, reflecting ponds and various works of art integrated into the gardens.

Spotted Tiger Lily

Walking around the Denver Botanic Garden is a healing experience for anyone who appreciates nature, art and architecture. The buildings in particular are works of art themselves. The tropical indoor gardens are housed in a modern structure (Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory) with towering ceiling heights and beautiful natural light. Inside this building, treehouse-like structures with stairs and landings allow visitors to experience the jungle-like garden from various levels. I found myself more interested in climbing around that taking photos.

A 360 degree camera photo at Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory – yeah that’s me (Rich Bilow) in the pic

Unfortunately, a pretty significant cloud burst cut my photo session short. Fortunately, I had already captured some very nice shots. A lot of factors need to come together for a photographer to create a truly amazing image. I could have spent all day shooting with that goal in mind. However my time was cut short by both the rain and other pre-arranged commitments. Alas…no award-winning photos that day but a lot of fun none-the-less.

Purple Mountain Sun Daisy

If you are visiting Denver, the Botanic Gardens is a must-see visit especially if you are a professional photographer, or you just love taking photos. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Botanic Gardens, or visit the Destinations Section; Explore Page; Attractions drop-down;

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