Guest Writer: Beatrice Anderson

I was born and raised in Los Angeles in the 80s. One of the things my family would always love to do, was to go to the Hollywood bowl for Fourth of July. Each year the bowl puts on the most spectacular holiday show. I’d watch my Mom and Dad smile at each other and I felt so lucky to have two parents that really loved one another. We lived in the Hollywood Hills, and although it was a long walk…it became a tradition.

The annual Fourth of July event at the Hollywood bowl is a consistent experience that I have come to cherish. Though I lost my mother I still drag my father out to see the show. In the beginning, my husband was a bit reluctant, but now he has realized how much it means to me. We make it a holiday tradition and invite friends and have a pre-party beforehand.

If you are visiting LA or happen to live here and have not attended this event yet, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

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