Meow Wolf is an artistic phenomenon. It started as an art collective in 2008. Then in 2016 a permanent installation opened in Santa Fe, NM. Additional venues with their own original installations soon followed in Las Vegas (NV), Denver (CO), and also Grapevine (TX). CLiCK HERE to find out more about all of the installations, locations and how it all began. 

Meow Wolf Denver Art Installation

I visited the Denver location which is the largest of the four. When I first entered, I was a bit overwhelmed. There was so much going on. However, I quickly acclimated and got into the groove. Vibrant colors and immersive art spanned wall-to-wall and climbed from the floor to the peak of the ceiling in this 90,000 square foot space. There were multiple floors and multiple levels with all sorts of staircases and ramps. All ages were in attendance. Kids were mesmerized with interactive sculptures, while even the older crowd participated in these audience-driven experiences. 

Meow Wolf Denver Art

Meow Wolf Denver Art Installation; All photos courtesy of EatTravelGo

Inside Info Meow Wolf Denver

A PR representative let me in on some inside info that will be of use to our readers. If you are visiting the Denver location. “Ask one of the alien residents of Eemia or Ice World, if they can open a wormhole in the sky. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you see a neon cathedral (called the Kaleidogothic Cathedral). While you’re there, step into the Kaleidogothic Cathedral and ask an alien resident to initiate you into the Kaleidogoth civilization. There is a special code they will play on the organ for something magnificent to happen.

Make sure you visit Numina, the Swamp World. When you see the Cosmohredon, the thing that looks like a spacecraft in the middle, get inside. Sit and look out the windows. If there is someone in every seat, and they all touch the glowing gemstone on the side of the seats at once, something magical happens. If you see ears in the swamp world, speak into them. Your voice will be transmitted elsewhere in the exhibition. On C Street, find Syd the Psychic in the haunted psychic shop. He will tell your fortune, or give you a quest. Always ask the alien residents what they can show you in each world. They know more than anyone!”

Meow Wolf Denver Art

Android Matt let me in on some Meow Wolf Secrets

Find an Android or Alien Resident

I was told to find an alien resident….Apparently these aliens could open a wormhole. I did not really know what that meant until I ran into an android (Matt Cantwell, an actor and performance artist). He worked his magic, created a scene, and sure enough the ceiling was flooded with swirling lights as the crowd oohed and ahhed.  It was a cool trick. See ETG’s instagram to view our video of this event. 

This android took me to the the rats nest and C Street. He introduced Syd the Psychic, also know as Creek – Patrick OJ. He was a bit out there….asked me some questions, then told me my future. Hmmm – we shall see.   

Meow Wolf Denver Art

Kaleidogothic Cathedral at Meow Wolf Denver

Kaleidogothic Cathedral

I wandered around for while just taking it all in – so much intricate details. I especially liked the Kaleidogothic Cathedral as well as the vignettes of miniature little worlds found in a hallway nearby. Then I stumbled into another alien resident. He brought me to a glowing ear while we were in the swamp world. He shouted some random words into the ear, and like a faithful boomerang, that same gibberish echoed back at us and throughout the exhibition. 

The Cosmohredon, a spacecraft situated in the middle, was quite popular as well. My personal favorite room was the music room which featured drums, a piano, and additional instruments immersed in a cluster of traffic signs, streets signs…every sign you can imagine. It was as if a magnetic force drew all the signs and instruments into it within an instant.

 Meow Wolf Denver Art

One of my favorite installations at Meow Wolf Denver

That is also how it felt, as I explored the various worlds of Meow Wolf Denver. I was drawn into this exceptional experience by forces beyond my control. All of us…in attendance were mesmerized and suddenly playful, as if we were kids again. So let your inner child plan your next trip. Consider a Meow Wolf location. I recommend Denver. I’ll let you know when I visit the others – they are all on my bucket list. https://meowwolf.com

CLICK HERE for a full list of locations and additional info. 

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