Artist Jeremy Kidd is originally from England. He moved to Los Angeles in 1986. He currently resides in Venice CA. I interviewed Jeremy for ETG – CLICK HERE to read. You can find it under our Art Talk drop-down on the Arts Page in the Stories Section.

Teton Grand Master Sunrise 1 (2019) 35.5” x 84” Ed 4,1 AP

“I was commissioned by Imago Gallery, Palm Desert, CA and The Jackson Hole Art Fair to create a body of work for the upcoming Fair. Leisa Austin from Imago Gallery suggested I visit the Teton Mountain range in early March 2019 during the week of the full moon.  This coincided with one of the greatest recorded snow falls for the area resulting in the most stunning clinical vistas: surgical swaths of glistening whites, sparkling with crystals suspended in the frigid air. Freezing 1˚F early morning mists drifted over the rivers; a lone wolf, half-starved made its way across an impossible desert plain of snow-covered tundra. The moon was mirrored in the frozen lake, and I slowly moved around my tripod (which broke due to the shear cold, forcing me to work with the remaining two legs) making long exposures, trying not to get frost bite.  The purity of this time in the Teton Valley can never leave me, I was psychically cleansed by the experience and numbed by the majesty of my environment. For this body of work I took 5000 shots over a period of a week; day through night which cumulated in the works pictured here. Subsequently, I was awarded Photographer of The Year.”

Jeremy Kidd is represented by Leslie Sacks Gallery at Bergamot Station. Find out more about his work on KCRW Art Talk Interview about a solo exhibition (at Leslie Sacks Gallery) “Temporal Excursions,” or visit his website – http://www.jeremykidd.com/

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