Bonaire is touted as one of the best and easiest places to dive. With so many easy access coastal spots available to dive, you can literally dive from different spot every day of the week. For easy boat dives, you’ll want to pick a hotel which specializes in diving. I stayed at Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire, and just loved it. They have lockers right down by the dock where the boats leaves from. There is also accessible shore diving right there. No need to fight through the surf, just climb down the ladder, and easily start your mellow dive on the house reef.

Bonaire: photo by Richard Bilow; courtesy of ETG

While I was there, I got friendly with the drive staff whole told me about the Coral Restoration Foundation, an important organization that teaches and enables other nonprofits to restore our coral reefs, not just in Bonaire, but also in other parts of the world. CLICK HERE to read my article “Saving our Oceans, One Coral at a Time” about this fantastic organization. You can also find it on ETG’s Stories Section; Unplug/Recharge Page; Rejuvenate/Give Back drop-down.

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For more info about Buddy Dive Resort, visit the website – https://www.buddydive.com/