Cover photo of Larry & Liz West by Richard Bilow

Zion National Park Adventures

My husband and I decided to take an epic road trip to the Rockies. On the way, we stopped in Springdale, Utah to break up the drive and to get our first glimpse of Zion National Park. Neither of us had been there before, and with all the recent snow and rain, we knew we were in for a visual treat.

Zion National Park; photo by Richard Bilow

Best B&B Zion National Park

We had the good fortune of spending the night at the stunning Zion Canyon BnB. After staying at so many hotels and vacation rentals in recent years, we wanted to try something different. We both have fond memories of staying at B&Bs throughout Europe. The location of this property is as good as it gets, surrounded by nature with amazing views. 

We were given instructions on how to open the door with a code. The gentle peaceful sound of Native Indian flute music was playing as we entered. I noticed a beautiful scent in the air…it was all very zen. As we stood in the entry marveling at the surroundings, Liz arrived to greet us. She was warm, endearing and obviously liked to engage with her guests. Larry was equally congenial, yet a man of few words. He built this incredible house and one could tell he kept it running smoothly. Plus he was the chef. The room came with a home cooked breakfast…more about that later. 

The Stunning Zion Canyon BnB; photo courtesy of Zion Canyon BnB

It was a lovely experience to be welcomed into Liz and Larry’s magnificent home (and when I say magnificent, I really mean it). Despite our late arrival, I requested a quick tour after Liz led us to our room, which was actually a luxury suite, much more than we expected (see info below). 

What an incredible house! Inside it was warm and toasty with a South Western inspired interior design. Indian art was scattered throughout the main living area, along with trinkets, and interesting objects within the same theme.

Living Room at Zion Canyon BnB; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of ETG

The attention to detail was impressive, but after finding out the couple owned two gift shops for over twenty-five years, I realized how they had developed their keen eye for design. They had a knack for creating artistic displays which included whimsical sculptures, organic materials such tree bark, old wooden chests, and a wide array of other decorative elements.

The table was beautifully set for breakfast, adorned with cloth napkins, water glasses, and a full place setting for each guest. What appeared to be a vintage wood-burning stove was turned into a tea station, complete with hot water, a wide assortment of tea, along with sugar, milk, etc. There was also a coffee station on the other side of the room with hot coffee starting at 6:00am. I particularly loved the old coca cola machine. It was bright red and a work of art on its own. 

Dining Table / Tea Station; photos by Richard Bilow; courtesy of ETG

As I looked up to the second floor landing, I noticed greenery cascading over the long planters that ran along the railing. Liz suggested we take a look. There was a private reading nook with a large comfy armchair and books on the table next to it. Around the corner were two high-tech premium massage chairs along with two pinball machines. Apparently, this is a popular place for guests to relax after an early hike during hot afternoons in the summer. The massage chairs take the relaxation to a whole new level.

Wrap around shelves, placed high up on the walls, were the perfect spot to display and share many of the numerous artistic treasures.  It was obvious the couple has been collecting these nifty items through the years. The display shelves allowed for a more airy, open and comforting space below.

Master Room / Bathroom; photos by Richard Bilow; courtesy of ETG

We stayed in the Master room, which was quite lovely. It came with a two-sided glass fireplace, with one view from the bed and the other from the bathroom. The room included a large two-person jacuzzi with a site-line to the dancing flame. It was quite romantic. Next to the bed, we enjoyed our own private massage chair that worked wonders on my husband’s aching muscles, until it was my turn. With the push of a button, my body was fully immersed in an amazing Swedish back rub. As the chair tilted back, I let go of the stress from our long drive, and sat mesmerized by the unique artifacts on the shelf above.

Glorious Views

I had a great sleep, and my husband had already left to take photos by the time I awoke. He wanted to catch first light in the canyon. I was perfectly happy taking in the glorious views from right where I was… literally from lying in bed. What appeared to be a circular mirror at night revealed itself to be a round window with a gorgeous view of Zion in the morning. What a way to wake up…it was simply stunning! I honestly wondered if Richie (as I call him) had equally great views from wherever he was.

Circular Window in Master Room; Zion Canyon BnB; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of ETG

The room also featured its own outdoor covered patio. This would be a great private place to sip a cold drink during the warmer months. Alas it was March and quite nippy, but now I have an excuse to come back. Liz told us how beautiful it is in late summer and early fall, so we’ll just have to make that happen. ETG Tip: Mid-summer is a time to avoid, if your going to Zion for serenity.

Another plus…I am a huge animal lover and was ecstatic to find out there was a pig on the property. In the morning I had the chance to play with the couples’ three dogs Echo, Aspen and Coach along with a full-size pig named Betty Lou (who was rescued and now is cared for by Liz and Larry) – so sweet! 

Betty Lou, part of the Zion Canyon BnB family; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of ETG

Room with a Breakfast Burrito

Since my husband had darted off to the park before sunrise, I enjoyed my breakfast at the table while chatting with a sweet couple who loves BnBs. There were three food options – scrambled egg, pulled pork and potato burrito with fruit, scrambled eggs toast and fruit, or a third option, granola yogurt and fruit. 

I chose a breakfast burrito, and Larry prepared my husband’s to go. The scrambled egg, pulled pork and potato burrito was delicious (don’t tell Betty Lou). It was full of flavor with a hint of spice. Liz offered both ketchup or salsa, or a mix as a side sauce. I chose the latter which turned out to be a tangy and savory condiment. I was impressed.

I enjoyed chatting with some of the other guests. There was a young couple from Idaho on their honeymoon. They were so cute. After breakfast, I lounged in the living area which was beautiful, and admired all the trinkets & treasures around me. Soon my husband returned with tons of photo (see above), and we packed up for our next adventure. Off to Crested Butte Colorado.

If you are headed to Zion National Park, and would like an alternative place to stay, consider Zion Canyon BnB…you won’t regret it. Zion Canyon BnB, 101 Kokopelli Circle, Springdale, UT 84767; https://www.zioncanyonbnb.com/

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