Grande Bretagne Hotel is a first class hotel which has been around for over a century, and has a pristine reputation.

View from the Grande Bretagne Bar

ETG writer Nicole McClinton stayed at the hotel in 2019, and had a fantastic time. She said when she and her travel companion pulled up to the hotel, the taxi driver told her that the Hotel Grand Bretagne was one of the oldest and best in Athens. “The hotel did not disappoint. The staff was amazing. Our room came with butler service and complimentary spa access.” She added, that the view in the restaurant was spectacular. “After changing out of our travel clothes, we went to the rooftop restaurant, where we enjoyed a nice glass of wine and an Aperol Spritz. We were truly elated when given a table with a clear view of the night time Acropolis, lit up in splendor.” CLICK HERE to read a review by Nicole – or go to the Stories Section, on the Unplug/Recharge Page, under the Chasing the Wonder drop-down.

Grande Bretagne Hotel

Grande Bretagne also offers a luxurious spa with all its amenities, and an indoor and outdoor pool. Find out more about the Grande Bretagne Hotel – HERE.

Another high end hotel close by is Royal Olympic. Offering views of The Temple of Zeus, The Acropolis, The Hadrian’s Gate, The Marble Stadium, etc., the hotel is a five-star family run luxury hotel.

In 2009, the hotel was renovated and transformed into an art hotel. Established designers, and architects were brought in to elevate the building. The Roof Garden Restaurant/Bar reopened offering a more exclusive dining experience with spectacular views of Athens.

View from Royal Olympic

Room options include the Executive, Deluxe, Athenian Panorama, or an Internal room. Additional Suites and Junior Suites are available. The hotel also offers a gym, a wellness center, and an outdoor pool.

Unlike most hotels, the Royal Olympic Hotel also has a library, where you can enjoy the view of the Temple of Zeus, while browsing a book about the history of the monument.  https://www.royalolympic.com

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