Salzburg Austria is a fantastic place to enjoy the arts…just ask artist Flavio Bisciotti, who has spent a lot of time there. “Living in a different environment and interacting with people of different cultures is deeply fulfilling, and the exchanging of knowledge is a great experience,” said the artist and architect. “Salzburg is one of those places where the arts, in every form, are taken seriously and appreciated by all.”

In 2018, Flavio exhibited his paintings in several galleries in Germany and Austria. The trip lasted three months and he traveled to various other countries. Bisciotti explains, “Traveling is a huge inspiration and mind-opener for everybody. As an artist, I found profound inspiration in both cities and nature while working on my project Invisible Cities. As a traveller I learn that we are living in a very big world and you can feel at home everywhere, if you are open minded!” Bisciotti is featured in ETG’s Stories section. Click Here to read the full interview.

In addition to visual arts Salzburg offers a huge music scene. In fact you may want to book your trip around the annual Mozart Week which takes place every January. Hosted by the Mozarteum Foundation, this event has been happening every year since 1956. Of course winter and summer sports are quite popular as well as traditional folk events, beer festivals, etc.

Find out more about Salzburg Austria on the tourism website – https://www.salzburg.info




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