The Temple of Athena, also called the Parthenon, was built between 447 and 438 BC in the Doric style under the leadership of Pericles. The first time I visited this site, I was probably ten years old. I remember the impact that this historic site had on my life. My mother, a lover of travel, explained that the acropolis was where people lived long ago…It was at this point in my young life that I knew I had to continue traveling to learn more about cultures which thrived long before the world I knew existed.

The Parthenon has seen many evolutions, after being created as a temple for the Greek goddess Athena, it was taken over by Christians and converted into a church. Then it was taken over by the Turks and transitioned to a mosque. Then in the late 1600’s, the Venetians and Turks were fighting over Athens. The Acropolis was used as a military point because of its high position. There were explosives stored in the Parthenon that went off and blew up the interior of the structures. Today, thousands of tourists visit this historic attraction each year and are often overwhelmed by this spectacular site.

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