If your family is visiting Boston, SPYCE offers healthy dining, great for kids. Created by Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter, and Brady Knight, aka “The spyce boys,” these four hungry MIT students yearned for nutritional tasty meals on their student budgets. They decided to combine their love of tech and food and founded SPYCE. Chef Daniel Boulud Boulud would soon become part of this venture, bringing in Chef Sam Benson, who had previously worked for him at Café Boulud, as Executive Chef.

Children love to watch the high tech automated kitchen, and you may even get them to eat their broccoli when it’s created by a robot. You and your child will order the food at the kiosk, wait 3 minutes – out comes a healthy meal. The meal is created in a robotic kitchen. Items are added to a pan such as a wok, which is immediately cleaned prior to starting the next meal. This lowers operating costs so that healthy food is available at an affordable cost.

Hours: 10:30AM-10pm, Every Day; Address: Spyce, 241 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02201; https://www.spyce.com/

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