Santa Fe has a vibrant art atmosphere, attracting both artists and art lovers to its town while supporting a creative community. Medicine Man Gallery is the start of Canyon Road where many of the art galleries are located. Just outside the gallery, you’ll find a beautiful horse sculpture by Veryl Goodnight. Sculpting since 1973,  Goodnight comes from a long line of horse lovers…she currently lives in Colorado. She has completed over 200 sculptures and 20 life size or larger monuments.

Medicine Man Gallery; photo courtesy of Canyon Road Arts

Mark Sublette’s Medicine Man Gallery specializes in Antique Native America Indian art and Western Art. It features an eclectic array of media…paintings, pottery, sculpture, basketry, beadwork, jewelry, and more. Medicine Man Gallery Santa Fe. New Gallery 602A Canyon Road Santa Fe, NM 87501; https://www.medicinemangallery.com

Turner Caroll Gallery brings established international artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Hung Liu, Judy Chicago, to Santa Fe. The contemporary art gallery celebrated 30 years in 2020 and is located at 725 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501; https://www.turnercarrollgallery.com

Artist Helen K. Garber and her husband, Dr. Stuart Garber relocated from Santa Monica in 2016. The active art scene was just one of the reasons why the couple was drawn to Santa Fe. See both of my articles on the Stories Section: one is about relocating, and Starting Over (on the Inspiration Page), and another featuring Helen’s mixed media art on the Art Talk Page.

Mixed Media by Helen K. Garber; From the series Mystical Horses;

Helen exhibited in a group show with the Santa Fe Studio Arts Collective at Edition One Gallery on Canyon Road. Several of her new photo-based mixed media work were featured from her series, Mystical Horses.

When I asked if the art community in Santa Fe was as active as it is in Los Angeles, she replied “There are museum receptions, charity events, botanical gardens, world renowned art organizations such as SITE and CCA and the incredibly successful Meow Wolf. Summers are filled to the brim with art and music fairs.  Santa Fe Opera draws people from all over the world. Town center gets crowded with tourists and we look forward to Labor Day when they mostly disappear.”

Of course, while you are in Santa Fe, don’t miss visiting the Georgia O’Keefe Museum home to the world’s largest permanent collection. https://www.okeeffemuseum.org

Meow Wolf is an art collective created in 2008 which features immersive art installations that includes music, video and magical interactive experiences.

MeowWolf; Photo courtesy of Electric Playhouse – https://electricplayhouse.com/

Helen said it was a wonderful venue for local artists. “Meow Wolf, funded by the author of Game of Thrones, helped a group of artists to take over an old bowling alley and create an immersive experience that has taken off like Cirque du Soleil did in the late 1980’s.  It serves an important function for the art community of Santa Fe by offering decent paying jobs to young creatives, something very difficult to find anywhere today. They added 350 jobs last year alone.” Find more out about Meow Wolf on the website – https://meowwolf.com/

Many local restaurants such as Harry’s Roadhouse, and Cafe Pasqual’s also feature artwork by local artists on their walls. For more in on these restaurants, CLICK HERE or go to the Destinations Section, on the Eat/Drink Page, under the Casual/Kid Friendly drop-down

Information on Santa Fe art galleries can be found on https://www.canyonroadarts.com; https://www.santafescene.com

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