Meow Wolf is an immersive art explosion of creations. In 2008, Meow Wolf evolved out of a small artist collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Meow Wolf Immersive Art

This is where the first official location opened with House of Eternal Return in 2016. Then in 2021, additional locations opened in Las Vegas (NV), Denver (CO), as well as Grapevine (TX) in 2023 (as of the posting of this article in July 2023). 

Kaleidogothic Cathedral; All photos by EatTravelGo.

Convergence Station

Each installation/location is unique to its own city. I visited Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station in Denver. It happens to be the largest and is the third permanent exhibition to open. Here you can embark on an otherworldly adventure. Set within a stunning 90,000 square-foot space, this installation incorporation space travel, where guests can enter the Cosmohredon (a spacecraft) to create a bit of their own magic. There are different worlds to visit  Eemia the Ice World, Numina the Swamp World, etc. Remember to engage with the androids or alien residents to find out more about each world’s mysteries. 

CLICK HERE to read my review, with additional tips. Convergence Station, Meow Wolf, 1338 1st St, Denver, CO 80204;

The House of Eternal Return 

Santa Fe is the birthplace of the original permanent Meow Wolf exhibition. It is truly a monumental achievement in DIY world creation and collaboration at 20,000 square-feet offering seventy rooms. The installation was created by community artists who had no idea what they would be starting. ‍Visit an old Victorian house inhabited by a family that has been swept into another dimension through a spiraling void, inside a former bowling alley. 

ETG tip: Be aware that the Santa Fe Meow Wolf location is known to be more organic and intimate. I was told by an artist friend of mine (Helen K. Garber) that the Santa Fe installation is fantastic. CLICK HERE to read more about Helen K. Garber’s work. The House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf, 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM, 87507;

Meow Wolf Denver Art Installation

Omega Mart 

In Las Vegas, Omega Mart expands the Meow Wolf universe into a supermarket-themed installation. This exhibition is created by local and international artists. It challenges conventional perceptions, as visitors traverse surreal aisles and stumble upon portals leading to fantastical realms.This exhibition invites “shoppers” to explore beyond the store and uncover interactive artscapes by the integration of art into everyday objects. Keep your eyes peeled for the not-so-secret bar! Omega Mart, Meow Wolf, 3215 S Rancho Dr #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102;

The Real Unreal 

Meow Wolf’s fourth permanent exhibition titled The Real Unreal can be found at Grapevine, Texas. This was the most recent to open in 2023 (as of this posting in August 2023).

When an ordinary family encounters the extraordinary, an inspiring tale of chosen family, community, and the power of imagination unfolds within a mesmerizing, interactive artscape. Featuring a massive collaboration between Texas and Santa Fe based artists, Meow Wolf Grapevine expands into a new era of immersive art and storytelling. It is located at Grapevine Mills (just north of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport). The Real Unreal, Meow Wolf, 3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy Suite 253, Grapevine, TX 76051.

So be sure to visit this very original street art inspired immersive experience. You have four locations to choose from. CLICK HERE to read my personal experience, as well as some inside tips about this Denver location. https://meowwolf.com

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