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Val Thorens is a french ski resort located in the Belleville Valley in the Savoie region. If you are an adventure lover, it’s a great place for various types of activities. Situated on the highest point in the 3 Vallées ski area, the resort features over 600 kilometres of runs. It is an stunning explosion of nature’s own art.

Val Thorens Belleville Valley France

Chalet at Val Thorens; photo courtesy of Val Thorens

Val Thorens, Belleville Valley

Skiiers can take a maurienne-tarentaise shuttle which transports skiers to the top of the mountain, while enjoying nearly two miles of breathtaking views.

The resort offers something for everyone…yes skiing, and snow boarding is a big focus, but snowshoeing, and even ice diving is available as well.

Val Thorens Belleville Valley France

Maurienne tarentaise shuttle at Val Thorens; photo courtesy of Val Thorens

Lac du Lou

A more adventurous person might be up for diving in the frozen Lac du Lou (in close proximity to the resort). Visitors can access the lake on snowshoes or cross country skis (40 minutes), followed by a 30-minute ice diving session supervised by our professional diving instructors (includes equipment briefing), then it’s back to the resort on snowshoes or skis.

Ice Diving; photo courtesy of Val Thorens

Snow Tours with Raquette Nature

Snowshoe tours are led by Raquette Nature. Snowshoeing is said to be one of the oldest snow sports in the world. It originally began as a way for hunters to move more quickly through the snow, now it is a meditative leisure activity. Raquette Nature founder Brigitte Ruff first started giving guided tours in 1992. Soon she enlisted the help of friend and lovers of nature. Now she has an educated staff of tour guides that lead tours featuring both newbies and regulars. Snowshoeing is easy to learn, requiring some stamina, but no technical knowledge to complete a tour. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace while enjoying nature around them. Find out more on the website – http://raquettenature.com

Val Thorens Belleville Valley France

Snowshoeing at Val Thorens; photo courtesy of Val Thorens and Raquette Nature

To find out more about Val Thorens, visit https://www.valthorens.com/en/

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