China: Wuzhen Water Town

“Wuzhen is often called the Venezia of China with its canals and circular moon bridges,” said LA artist J.J. L’Heureux, who exhibited her work here, at the famed annual event, the World Internet Conference. “Walking in this town I get an insight to the lifestyle of ancient China, with its fabric dying warehouses, transportation canals, and everyone’s favorite foods. The most interesting for me is seeing soy sauce being aged in giant ceramic vessels next to the street.” See below for more info on JJ L’Heureux.

Family in Wuzhen, photo by JJ L’Heureux

Wuzhen Water Town has been around for more than seven thousand years and is located in the Northern part of Zhejiang Provence (southern region of the Yangtze River). This charming town is sub-divided into sections (Dongzha, Nanzha, Xizha, Beizha), and is surrounded by water.

Romantic moon bridges were created for a dual purpose, in addition to function they resemble and interact with the moon. Be sure to watch for full moon when you are visiting…it will be reflected in the water underneath the bridge. This whimsical ancient town which runs along the river, features traditional ancient buildings, with charming stone bridges. If you are traveling with a loved one, this is a great place to slow down and let the romance wash over you as you walk through the canals.

China, Wuzhen, Canal Scene, photo by JJ L’Heureux

Read JJ L’Heureux’s interview on the Stories Page – Art Photography drop-down; Visit the China Tourism website for more info –


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