The Museum Hotel Antakya in Turkey

Museum Hotel Antakya
All photographs; courtesy of Museum Hotel Antakya

The History of Museum Hotel Antakya

If you are a lover of art, architecture, and history, the Museum Hotel Antakya (Hatay Province) in Turkey has it all. There is nothing like this spectacular hotel which opened in January 2020. It is built upon, or actually “floating above” an archeological site of the Roman city of Antioch. The ancient city was first discovered when construction began in 2009. However, while this may have stopped some builders, the Asfuroğlu family proved to be up for the challenge. The construction was a massive undertaking lasting over TEN years. The family kept their pledge to keep the sanctity and archaeological preservation of this 5th Century formative civilization.


The project became the largest excavation since the 1930s, and has revealed an unprecedented archeological find celebrating ancient Antioch. The family procured the Turkish firm Emre Arolat Architects (EAA) to build a 200-room luxury hotel. The strategically designed steel construction was created to honor and protect this eminent past civilization and is now a national archaeology park and Necmi Asfuroğlu Archaeological Museum is located under the hotel.

Museum Hotel Antakya guests can enjoy archaeological mosaics right under the hotel

A 70-cm marble sculpture (Eros) dating back to around 200 AD was recovered intact, and the remarkable work of art is now the centerpiece of this distinctive hotel/museum. In addition to its 30,000 artifacts, it also features authentic Roman baths, along with the largest mosaic floor. Touch screens and 3D projections further memorialize a seminal culture as well.

Location & Amenities

The Museum Hotel Antakya is situated in the town of Antakya, which offers old world charm. Located close (1 mile) to Vali Gobegi Parki, it is also 26 miles from Kizlar Castle, a popular attraction in Ayvacık (Çanakkale Province).

Museum Hotel Antakya
Museum Hotel Antakya Guest rooms feature art that reflects the archaeological ruins

At the time of posting, a continental breakfast comes with your stay in one of the 200 rooms (some with balconies). Each room comes with a sitting area, as well as air conditioning, TV, etc. Also on site, a spa, fitness center, business center, with Free wifi, etc. Visit the website for in-depth info, and an up-to-date amenities about the one-of-a-kind art hotel and museum

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