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The moment I arrived at The Acoma House, an art hotel in Denver Colorado, I knew I had selected a great place to stay. As the founder of an arts and entertainment publication based in Los Angeles (and the co-founder of EatTravelGo), I am always attracted to businesses that value creativity. A beautiful purple building stood before me. Located in the Golden Triangle district of Denver Colorado, the Acoma House is just a block away from the Denver Art Museum.

Christina Eisenstein in lobby of the Acoma House; All photos courtesy of ETG (unless otherwise specified)

The Acoma House Denver CO

As I walked through the entry door, a long colorful hallway with a modernized art deco flair greeted me. Doormats sporting positive sayings sit in front of the perky pink doors at every room…so much creativity and positive vibes. Art is my thing, and I was excited to see our room on the second floor. Beautiful natural light filled the stairwell illuminating the colors all around me.

The moment I opened the door, I was blown away by the size of the room. I had expected a more compact space, but it turned out to be a spacious one bedroom suite. We stayed in Art Suite 207 by artist Kaitlin Ziesmer. It was created in collaboration with the Acoma House owners, Christina and Michael Eisenstein. The couple have been working with artists since 2016. CLICK HERE to find out more about the Acoma House owners.

Courtesy of Christina & Michael Eisenstein

Christina and Michael Eisenstein

Once I opened the door to the unit, I saw more beautiful colors. A rustic brick wall above the kitchen counter is flanked by a window wall on one side, for natural light, and a beautiful teal-colored wall with painted leaves and a mural on the opposing side. The teal grounded the color scheme, while bright yellow and peach expanded the palette of the living space. 

The Art of Kaitlin Ziesmer

The mural across from the window wall immediately drew me in. It was bright and cheery – a regal colorful parakeet wearing a pair of goggles. It brought a smile to my face. 

The Acoma House Denver
The Art of Kaitlin Ziesmer

I quickly glanced around the room eager to see more. Another larger mural was behind me…a mischievous pilot parakeet wearing a helmet. I chuckled to myself. The brush strokes of the delicate feathers were perfectly crafted, and it was obvious that the artist cared about the quality of her work.

As I looked around, I noticed that every detail seemed to have a purpose, complementing, contrasting or in some way speaking to the murals which were the focus of the suite.

The Acoma House Denver
Living Room

Beautiful Artwork

There are five murals in all, two in the main living space, two in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom. The furnishings, fixtures, finishes, appliances and design elements are super eclectic, creating an unexpected but very successful overall impact. The suite as a whole gave me a permanent smile.

The bold colored artworks showcased spunky parakeets with attitudes. That to me was hysterical. All were adorned with accessories such as helmets, goggles…even a crown. The room was a perfect balance of art with harmonious design elements. Some of the walls were relatively simple, balancing the energetic art with their more subdued colors. 

I ended up relaxing at night on the comfy sofa in the main living space. The dark teal color anchored the vibrant hues of the murals. Sitting across from the kitchen, I found myself charmed and somewhat fascinated by the use of color in the space. Red appliances with matching dining table chairs added a pop to the space. There are art deco sentiments with some 1950s vibes mixed in. Even lemon-shaped salt and pepper shakers, which I noticed the following day, reflect back to the throw pillows on the sofa and the shower curtain in the bathroom.

The Acoma House Denver

The attention to detail was magnificent. The longer I embraced my surroundings, the more I noticed. The bedroom in particular, with its two murals and egg nest light fixture, was whimsical, charming and inviting.

The bed was quite comfortable with super soft pillows and a plush down comforter. The playful artwork rekindled childhood memories. Across from the bed the beguiling parakeet with goggles amused me. Also there was yet another helmet donned bird just above my head.

Next to the bed I noticed a small side table held up by chicken legs with big feet. Once again more giggles emanated from me.

The Acoma House Denver

Design Supporting Art

A work of art that doubled as a light fixture hung from the ceiling in the bedroom. It features 3 golden nests each cradling one large egg-shaped light, all attached to a single curved branch. It is a stunning and unusual addition. I marveled at its intricacies as I drifted off to sleep.

My husband, who is quite the designer as well as an artist himself, commented that combining so many design elements could have been design gone wrong. However, he insisted the multiple patterns, colors, and textures all worked amazingly well together. He particularly appreciated how a small segment of one wall transitioned from plaster to brick. He also loved how the black large format hexagonal-shaped bathroom tiles on the floor continued up the back wall behind the free-standing bathtub.


The bathroom held its own charm with yet another impish parakeet mural and a vivacious fruit clad shower curtain. I loved the clawfoot bathtub with its black exposed pipes.

The Acoma House Art Party

As luck would have it, the day I arrived, the Acoma House hosted an art party for an exhibition in the basement. The artwork was exceptional. Some of the artists were in attendance, in addition to Alexandrea Pangburn who was creating much of the impressive mural on the rear side of the Acoma House. 

Alexandrea Pangburn in front of the mural

Pangburn is the founder of Babe Walls, a non-profit organization that supports and celebrates women and non-binary artists worldwide.Additional founding artists include: GrowLove, Gina Ilczyszyn, Romelle, and Kaitlin Ziesmer (who did the suite that I stayed in). Stay tuned, as I will follow up and find out more about this art group. 

Book your Art Stay at the Acoma House Denver

The Acoma House is a fantastic place to stay – so unique and original. Every suite features work by a different local artist – all skilled, with a unique style all their own. The Golden Triangle is also a wonderful neighborhood. There’s a great deli just up the street as well as an array of restaurants, shops and additional museums you can easily walk to. I can imagine returning frequently to book a different room each time at the Acoma House. In fact, my husband, who happens to be an aquatic artist wants to stay in Patrick Maxy’s suite next time if possible.

Be sure to book your room long before your visit to secure your artistic stay. The hotel is already booking up since it opened in May 2023. It is truly a one-of-a-kind hotel which celebrates creative expression in the most unpretentious accessible way imaginable. The Acoma House, 1114 Acoma Street, Denver, Colorado, 80204;

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Acoma House owners;  If you love art, be sure to visit the Destination Section; Arts & Entertainment Page; Visual Arts drop-down.

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