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Just as Jimmy Kimmel has family and friends from his old neighborhood working on his late night show, Farmhouse LA owner Nathan Peitso has brought his “farm” family to the city. Growing up in a family of farmers, his mother Andrea Crawford was one of the early participants in the farm-to-table movement supplying greens to Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck in the 80s. Now his vendors are members of his family and childhood friends that have also worked a lifetime in the industry. Kenter Canyon, his family farm, along with his mother’s newest company Roan Mills bring fresh produce and grain to produce his famous pizza. Even his pasta and bread are created from grain direct from Roan Mills. He has taken farm-to-table one step further with his seed-to-plate philosophy.

Interior Farmhouse LA 

Farmhouse LA Interior Each month he infuses the Farmhouse LA menu with new seasonal ingredients. So depending on the month, a dish one may have enjoyed six months ago may not be available now. However, I can personally attest there will be another delectable dish waiting in the wings to take center stage.

The 7000 square foot restaurant offers distinguishable dining areas: the Living Room, the Café, the Lounge, and the Veranda. Each has a style of its own. Most have a homey feel with various trinkets on the surrounding shelves. CLICK HERE to check out the virtual tour on his website.

From left to right, Diver Scallops, and Roasted Local Halibut

I started with a bold 2015 Syrah by Qupé Central Coast. This delicious fruit forward wine had notes of plum and berry. A perfectly displayed Nectarine and Burrata (local Burrata, almonds, endive, watercress) arrived at the table. The combination was unbelievable. The tangy, yet sweet flavor of macerated nectarines drenched the soft velvety burrata and thin slices of nectarines. The crunch of the almonds balanced the dish, while the endive and watercress lingered as if bathing in this beautiful sauce, creating a union of savory and sweet flavors.

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

Next, we were wowed by the Fig & Prosciutto Pizza which was fantastic. The crust was firm and so flavorful with a crunchy chew. The fig brought a mild sweetness to the piquant flavor and the prosciutto…well what can one say about prosciutto — delish!

The Roasted Local Halibut was served on a bed of charred and confit leeks. It was firm, yet delicate and was surrounded by a wonderful lemon vinaigrette…the tart and savory flavor of the vinaigrette infused into the leeks and the Halibut was extraordinary.

From left to right, Diver Scallops, and Roasted Local Halibut


Our second entrée, the Diver Scallops, were resting in a shallow pool of light, almost creamy chipotle vinaigrette. It had a subtle yet robust sauce which clung to the oyster mushrooms was accentuated by the sweetness of the corn. The scallops were perfectly browned and so tasty. The presentation was beautiful on both dishes.

I must say the meal was fantastic — Kudos to Executive Chef Craig Hopson for a job well done! And special thanks to Executive Farmer and Owner Nathan Peitso for bringing a slice of farm living (or mostly eating) to our urban Los Angeles community. Farmhouse LA is located in the Beverly Center, 8500 Beverly Boulevard, LA, 90048; 310–818–4925;

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