Lula Washington Dance Theatre

Dance lovers are familiar with the legendary Lula Washington Dance Theatre. However if you are new to discovering dance, you will want to catch a performance of this renowned dance troupe. The repertoire dance ensemble was founded in 1980 by Lula and Erwin Washington in the inner city area of South Los Angeles. Performing in acclaimed venues across the globe, be sure to make it part of your next vacation.

IGNITE @ THE FORD! – Lula Washington Dance Theatre – June 8, 2019

This dance troupe has risen to become one of the most admired African-American contemporary dance companies in the world. It is known for its powerful, high-energy dancing and innovative and provocative choreography primarily by Lula Washington along with other established and emerging choreographers. Mixing jazz, hip-hop, African movement, ballet, modern, tap and other dance styles, the company has built an international reputation for the vitality, energy and depth of its repertory and the charisma and interpretive power it brings to each and every performance.

In 2020, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, celebrates 40 years. Washington, reflected on the 40th anniversary, says, “At the same time the company is pushing forward with new groundbreaking work, it is also holding true to its original mission of doing work that is ‘reaching for your soul.’ Our dancing and programming is designed to touch the soul and spirit of people, aiming to move them to a place of humanism and fairness for all.”

The company, which tours internationally, has steadfastly focused on using dance to explore social issues, including aspect of African-American history and culture. Be sure to check the website to see if the  Lula Washington Dance Theatre will be visiting your city soon.

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