Michigan: Millington, Motocross Tracks

Millington Michigan is home to expansive Motocross tracks – here are two popular tracks. Both are situated close to other popular attractions – Birch Run, Frankenmuth (also known as Little Bavaria, a Christmas town).

Courtesy of Baja Acres

Whether you are a rider or spectator, Baja Acres will welcome the whole family. Founded in 1974. It offers a main track along with a junior track. Be aware you should check for any updates (FB Page/website) or cancellations due to weather. At arrival you will have to sign a waiver at the entrance gate prior to parking. Let the staff know if you are a first-timer so that a Baja Acres staff member can help guide you. Once parked, head to the registration Building located in the center of the facility right next to the Finish Line. Once there you will be asked which group you would like to practice with. Then you will get a wristband, this allows you to enter the track.

Baja Acres, 8683 Birch Run Rd., Millington, MI,48746; (989)871-3356; Visit the Baja Acres FB Pagehttps://bajaacres.com/

Located about twenty minutes away, Bulldogs was founded in 1948. The motorcycle club was created for the simple purpose of enjoying motorcycles and bringing motorcycle enthusiasts together for a good time. The track at Bulldogs is ever changing – composed of almost all sand. The track and layout changes with every lap and allows for maximum speed.

Courtesy of Bulldogs

Bulldogs, 9113 Belsay Rd, Millington, MI, (810) 241-7740; Check the the Bulldogs FB Page and website for prices and track info at – http://bulldogs-mx.squarespace.com

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