Hawaii: Kauai, Capt. Andy’s Kauai Boat Tours

Capt. Andy’s Kauai Boat Tours is a reputable tour company established in 1980. Offering a variety of packages such as Private Charters, Whale Watching (Dec – Apr), Snorkeling, Sunset Cruises, and more. This is a perfect way to see the Na Pali coast.

Kauai, Napali Coast, View from Capt Andy’s Sunset Tour; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of ETG

While on our honeymoon in Kauai, my husband and I decided to take a Na Pali sunset cruise. A few days earlier, we had experienced a morning tour of this stunning Kauai coastline. Romance is definitely the first thing that came to mind while on the Capt. Andy’s Sunset Tour. A moment of gratitude hit us both as the catamaran left the dock. I highly recommend this tour…between the glorious sunset, the dolphins (which we saw many of), the delicious dinner and the back-drop of the Na Pali Coast, it was hard to ignore the wave of romantic feelings flowing over me. CLICK HERE to find out more about my personal experience on a Capt Andy’s Kauai Boat Tour. I wrote about it in a 3 part article called “Finding Love Later in Life.” You can find it on the Stories Section: Romantic Page.

Capt Andys Sunset Cruise, Time for Dessert; photo by Richard Bilow; courtesy of ETG

The best time to see the Na Pali Coast, in my opinion (at least in October, which is when we were there) is at the close of the day, when the sun sets. Of course, it does depend on the time of year, but for us the light was at a perfect place for fantastic romantic photos in October.

Several tour companies operate out of Port Allen. It is possible however to leave from Hanalei on the north shore. In addition to catamaran tours, there are also zodiac tours with small boats that can go into the caves. We were on a catamaran with Capt. Andy’s out of Port Allen and had a great experience.

ETG TIP: Be sure to ask about when the best light for photos is when you are booking, if that’s important to you. https://www.napali.com/

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