Interview: Artist Kaitlin Ziesmer

Kaitlin Ziesmer is a Denver based fine art painter and illustrator. Her artwork has been featured in numerous exhibits across the country. Using bold colors, she is known for her brightly colored, whimsical animal paintings. I stayed in a suite at the Acoma House where this artist created four murals of parakeets wearing accessories such as helmets, crowns, etc. Kaitlin’s sense of humor is expressed through her art.

Kaitlin Ziesmer; image courtesy of the artist;

The muralist is also one of the founding artists in Babe Walls, a non-profit that supports and celebrates women and non-binary artists worldwide.

Kaitlin Ziesmer Q & A 

Q: When did you start painting?
A: I really got more into the painting side of illustration during school (2007-2010) and then murals much more recently in 2020.

Q: When did you first meet Christina?
A: She and Mike were a big part of getting our first year of BabeWalls going, and I’m really happy to say that we’ve been friends ever since.

Q: Have you worked with her before?
A: For both BabeWalls, and I also got to paint the basement of their beautiful home with all kinds of fun animals.

The Art of Kaitlin Ziesmer; All images courtesy of ETG (except when otherwise stated);

Q: Can you tell me a bit about your collaboration with Christina?
A: The collaboration with Christina and Acoma was an absolute dream project. It was incredibly generous of her to give us free reign with our rooms when it came to color and design, and just the overall “takeover” of the room. The fixtures and decor is all her! She did such a cool job responding to what we did. It’s been a truly unique job.

Q: How long did it take to complete the five murals?
A: I worked off and on for probably about a total of a month.

Q: Did you contribute to any of the additional designs after the painting was complete?
A: Of course she asked for input, but I was totally cool with and blown away with what she picked. Loved every bit of it.

 Kaitlin Ziesmer
 Kaitlin Ziesmer suite from the Acoma House

Q: What are you are up to next?
A: I’m cruising up to Alaska to install some work with one of my mural partners, John Van Horn. After that, there’s a few things up in the air, but hopefully a few more murals in the fall, and I always have several things going on in the studio.

Find out more about this talented artist on her website –

CLICK HERE to read a review of the Acoma House Suite where Kaitlin created all the art. Visit our Stories Section; Arts Page; Art Talk drop-down to read about two of the other artists, along with the owners of the Acoma House and longtime supporters of art –  Christina and Michael Eisenstein. 

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