Japan: Kawagoe

Kawagoe, a Japanese city northwest of Tokyo, celebrates its past. Refusing to relinquish its rich history, this Edo-period (1603-1867) castle town is home to Kita-in, a Buddhist temple, where Edo Castle once stood. Here 500 stone statues of Buddha’s disciples make up what is known as the Gohyaku Rakan. If you have a sweet tooth, Meiji-era Candy Alley is the place for you.  Be sure to stop into the Kawagoe Festival Museum, and don’t miss the famed Warehouse District Street (also called Kurazukuri).

Kawagoe is a must-see destination if you are visiting Tokyo. It’s a half hour away by train. Los Angeles artist Gregg Chadwick (See Travel Stories Page) and his wife MarySue have friends in this area. “Spending time with Noriko, her husband Ko, and daughters Chihiro and Yuki, along the historic streets of their hometown, is such a pleasure.”

Photo by artist Gregg Chadwick, read his interview on Stories Page – under the Art/Photography drop-down.

For additional info, visit the Japan tourism website – https://www.japan.travel

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