CA: Mammoth Mountain

If you are in the LA area, and love to ski or snowboard, head to Mammoth Mountain. The views from the top of the mountain are panoramic and truly stunning, and the lower runs offer a spectacular perspective as well.

Mammoth Mountain, Photo by Richard Bilow; courtesy of ETG

ETG co-founder and photographer Richard Bilow said he allocates time in between runs to marvel at the landscape. “I once sat looking up at the top of the mountain, which by the way is over 11,000 feet high, while the wind blew swirling powdery snow dust into the sky,” said Bilow. “It looked like a vortex of diamonds.”

As a child, Bilow enjoyed many trips to Mammoth with friends. “I grew up going there with my best friend Mike, whose family had a condo and who always invited me along,” explained Bilow. “I think of Mammoth as a home away from home, and I still make it a point to chase a few powder days each season, but these days, I find myself more inspired to take photographs in the area than to risk life and limb on the mountain.”

Mammoth offers something for everyone – at every skill level. In fact, you may see celebrity athletes such as Brandon Davis or Tina Basich practicing their jumps on the mountain. Look up from the main lodge towards the terrain park or take the lift over the park. You are likely to see these world-class athletes pushing their personal limits as they prepare for upcoming competitions.

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