Review: CA, San Diego, Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb

After having a glorious time in San Diego the previous month, my husband Rich and I decided to return. Since we had a great experience with our last lodging selection, we reached out to the same Airbnb hosts to see if they had any other properties. As it turns out, they own a second unit, an Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb. It was located in relatively the same neighborhood just down the street…so we decided to try it.

Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb

Our hosts, Kathy and Alli have created another hip and inviting space. Dubbed Architectural Urban Loft in Little Italy, the property features subtle positive elements that represent the bright outlook of the hosts. Art has become an important part of how Alli and Kathy provide their guests with an overall peace of mind and a great feeling in both of their airbnb units.

Artwork by Aaron Lee;

Art-filled Walls

I was especially drawn to a pop artwork by Aaron Lee, which overlooked the kitchen. It was a portrait of a young woman with the word ‘Love’ emblazoned across her face. Also, like the Art Filled Loft airbnb that we previously reviewed (CLICK HERE to read), the tasteful curation of the art added to the decor. The majority of the artwork was abstract, with a few framed photographs in the mix.

The apartment/loft was charming, and had an open, spacious feel due to its twenty-five foot ceilings. Two skylights allowed sunlight to stream in, while a curtain in the loft area/bedroom blocked out the sun for a restful night’s sleep.The living room utilized an eclectic mix of furnishings which made for a fun, cheery atmosphere. Large flat screen TVs were in both the living room, and bedroom. A washer and dryer was also available. 

Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb
Living room; Artwork by Yeahchin Tsai; photo courtesy of ETG

The air conditioning unit proved to be powerful enough for the 90+ temperatures that we were dealing with. It was a wonderful respite upon returning home mid-day for a break from the scorching sun during the heat wave.

Sunny Kitchen

The kitchen was exceptionally bright during the day. Glass shelves with various items ran up and down the two long narrow windows. The natural light illuminated the petite cactus plants, ketchy mugs, glass jars and sculptural art displayed on the window shelves.

Offering a Nespresso machine, toaster, microwave, full set of pots, glassware, dishes, etc., the kitchen was modern yet cozy. It was perfect for a stay-at-home meal. It featured plenty of space for prep work on the butcher block counter.

Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb
Kitchen; photo courtesy of ETG

Finally, I loved that we were a bit closer to Little Italy and all the action this time. Be sure to read my article – San Diego’s Little Italy Happy Hours for some delicious foodie options in the neighborhood. You can enjoy an amazing pizza at a great happy hour price, just a couple of blocks away.

All in all, our stay at the Architectural Urban Loft Airbnb was fantastic and I can’t wait to return. Alli and Kathy are exceptional hosts. Kathy responded very quickly when we had questions on both of our visits. CLICK HERE to book the Architectural Urban Loft in Little Italy for your next trip to San Diego.

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