Australia: Sydney, The Arts

Sydney is a fantastic bustling city featuring arts and culture as a hopping nightlife. You will want to visit the Opera House, which is exquisite or take a cruise around the harbor. Sydney and the energy of its people reminded me of New York City (where I grew up).

Bangarra is an internationally acclaimed Aboriginal dance company, which brings stories of the Dreamtime to vivid life on stage. Join a heritage tour or visit the Art Gallery of NSW’s Yiribana gallery to learn more about Australia’s first people and their stunning contemporary art.

Of course Australia has so many diverse areas…the outback is an entirely different adventure, and the Great Barrier Reef in another experience all together. Be sure to check out our Adventure Page – under the Scuba Diving Page for more info.

While you are there, be sure to try local foods…. Meat pies and goon, and let’s not forget vegemite. I love anchovies, which is what it reminded me of, No need to get excessive here – just use a time smear. Yum.

The Australian people are wonderful. While on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne my travel companion and I had a car accident (no I was NOT driving), and another car stopped to see if we were ok. It was raining and my travel companion, who was already uneasy driving on the other side of the road, hit a slick spot, and the car spun around and broke through a fence on a farm. Cows were running…thank goodness they were untouched. The couple who stopped suggested that they drive us to the main house on the farm, to let the owners know the fence was down. This family was so welcoming and invited us to stay for dinner. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. It happened to be Easter weekend, and we got to meet the whole family.

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