New Zealand: South Island, Aro Hā,

If you are visiting the Kiwi-land down under, near Queenstown…break free to unplug at Aro Hā New Zealand, a different kind of retreat. Touted as a transition space (on the website) for those interested in nature, adventure, self-development, alternative health, and results-oriented fitness, it offers a variety of retreats designed to re-boot and re-charge oneself.

Aro Hā New Zealand

Every experience at Aro Hā embodies mindfulness – including the place. Its purpose-built, luxury space draws on the energy of the vast surrounding landscape. When standing on the whenua (land) at Aro Hā you can’t help but harness the power and beauty of the mountains. The expansive stillness of the environment helps settle the mind and soul, as guests explore an adventure in wellbeing.

The Name

ARO is thought, life principle, to pay attention, to focus, to concentrate. RO is inner, within, introspection. OHA is generosity, prosperity, abundance, wealth. HA means breath of life, life force, intentional breath.


Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Aro Hā is a forty-minute drive from Queenstown. Sprawled across 21 acres, the property features stunning views of Lake Wakatipu. Group interaction was a key element used in the design of the Zen-inspired luxury retreats and their facilities. They integrate meditation, yoga, vegetarian cuisine, and mindfulness to rejuvenate participants’ health and life perspective.

Available retreat packages include: Wellness/Adventure, Winter/Wellness, as well as Nature/Writing/Mindfulness, and more.

Find out more about Aro Hā on their website –

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