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ETG is a carefully curated art-inspired travel site created for people like you who love to explore the world. The difference between EatTravelGo and the numerous other travel blogs, is that we focus on sharing the world through the lens of creativity. None of the iconic landmark destinations around the globe would exist without the artists and designers who helped create them. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge or Central Park in New York City, those places would not have become the attractions they are today without the creative visionaries who poured their hearts and souls into these achievements. When you eat a spectacular meal, a culinary artist created the recipe, chose the ingredients and developed the preparation process. The street performers who help create the vibe and character of many places are performing artists. Even the paths you walk on when hiking the trails of National Parks were created by designers. Read about ETG’s founders, and you will understand why they are uniquely qualified to share the world through this lens of creativity.

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An Art Inspired Travel Site

EatTravelGo.com was created by Kathy Leonardo and Richard Bilow with the goal of inspiring people to travel and experience life from new perspectives through the arts. As ‘An Art Inspired Travel Site’ we want to connect people from all over the world through arts & entertainment. From staycations to exotic destinations, ETG helps you choose the trips and experiences that fit your personal interests and style.

As the founder of LAArtParty.com, one of the top online arts and entertainment publications in Los Angeles, Kathy brings a unique focus to the world of travel. Having worked directly with numerous accomplished artists from around the globe, Kathy brings those artists on board the ETG journey to share their stories and perspectives with you. In addition to discovering an array of international travel options through a carefully curated selection of destinations, tours, and experiences, you will find out where artists and art lovers like to go and why they go there.

ETG Co-founder Richard Bilow has traveled extensively while filming and photographing coral reefs around the world for the creation of his multi-media aquatic art installations. Through his company www.AquaTerraStudios.com (founded in 1989), Richard brought nature and art into the homes and businesses of celebrities and the Hollywood elite for over 30 years. As a professional artist and photographer, his perspective adds dimension to ETG’s travel content. Richard understands first-hand how important the contributions of artists and designers are to the world we live in.

Together, Kathy Leonardo and Richard Bilow offer a new and different perspective on travel. You may not think of yourself as an artist, art lover or even a creative type of person, but we believe your travel experiences will be enhanced just by viewing the world through the lens of creativity. We think you will be inspired to take better photos. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself enrolling in a painting class on your next vacation or right when you get home. 

Get Inspired

ETG was created to inspire people and awake their inner creativity. Traveling has a powerful impact on those who explore the world, and we at ETG believe that encountering creative environments when traveling opens up your mind and helps you tap into your own creative potential. That is why we search for all forms of artistic expression around the globe and share our discoveries with you. If you are a foodie, you will love our restaurant reviews and our other culinary arts staff picks. If you love performance, you will discover amazing venues to visit. If you love nature, we have stories that will show you the wondrous artistry of the ultimate creator our Mother Earth. At a minimum, you will tap into your creativity while taking photos to share with friends and family. Or, maybe you will be inspired to become an artist yourself or pick up on a creative endeavor that you set aside long ago. So, take a journey of self discovery with ETG before you set sail.

Spread the Love

ETG’s Mission is to make a positive impact on the world by bringing people together, encouraging greater understanding of unfamiliar cultures and different types of people, spreading compassion, encouraging open-mindedness and ultimately spreading love around the globe.

ETG shows you how the arts bring us all together.

Whether it’s delicious food, amazing architecture, magical gardens, live music, theatrical performances or natural wonders where famous artists found their inspiration, the arts, and human creative expression have the power to expand our understanding and bring us all together.

ETG is an art inspired travel site with lots of creative content, but you will also find things to do that are just plain fun. Enjoy your life. Treat people with kindness, respect and curiosity. Spread the love, and if you have the resources step up when you see a need.

Meet Eat Travel Go Founders

Kathy & Richard work as a team, but they each cover different aspects of travel. While Richard is off photographing the wilderness, Kathy stays in the city, visits local shops & galleries, or heads out to the vineyards for a wine tasting tour. Later they meet for dinner and tell tales of their day.

Kathy Leonardo

Founder – Writer – Photographer

An arts & entertainment writer for the past twenty plus years, Kathy Leonardo has a colorful past, performing in musicals/plays on Broadway and in National tours, as well as working in tv and film. Kathy has fronted several bands (blues, jazz, country). She is also a songwriter with two cds out.

Kathy created LAArtParty.com in 2010 as a way to help artists gain recognition and opportunities. While curating art exhibitions for local restaurants, top chefs started inviting her to review their restaurants throughout Los Angeles.

Her work has been published in the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, THRIVE Global, Argonaut Newspaper, Downtown News, SMDP, Santa Monica Mirror, and many more.

In 2013, Kathy started hiring Richard Bilow as her event photographer. They fell in love, later married and decided to combine their passion of art, food and travel and created EatTravelGo.com

Richard Bilow

Founder – Photographer – Writer

Richard Bilow made his mark on the art world with his innovative blend of sculpture, art and aquatic design. After establishing himself as “the aquarium artist to the stars,” he started traveling extensively, filming and photographing coral reefs around the world. His undersea images were then incorporated into his multi-media aquatic art installations. 

These dynamic, visually stunning and original creations became prominent features in both commercial and residential spaces with live fish set against video backdrops. His motion images were also used to create undersea music videos which can be viewed for free at www.TheSeaLifeChannel.com and www.AquaTerraStudios.com 

After becoming Kathy’s primary events photographer in 2013, Richard’s interest in creating images overtook his love of aquatic art. These days, bringing nature into peoples’ lives with his large scale high-resolution photographic prints has become his true passion. When he leaves Kathy in various cities around the world, he heads into the wilderness to capture the flawless art of our Mother Earth. www.NatureGloLighting.com

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“I love this art inspired travel site. I want to find out where the artists go. No other travel website features all these beautiful art hotels from all over the world. EatTravelGo.com is my favorite website to explore. I find new treasures each time I visit.”
Bianca Puccio
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“I found EatTravelGo when I was planning a trip to Bonaire. As a scuba diver, I took their recommendation on a great diving resort. I always check ETG before I plan my next trip to get ideas based on the great travel stories.”
Steven Williams
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“My husband & I travel often, but we always argued about what to do. Kathy & Richard inspired us to each do our own thing, and as she always says…then we meet for dinner.
Jenny Mills
San Diego CA

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